our difference


pure, powerful formulations

Developed in partnership with renowned aromatherapist Danièle Ryman, our skincare harnesses the unique power of New Zealand’s native natural ingredients to create high-performance concentrates rich in essential nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. 

These bio-compatible oils and balms have a natural affinity with the skin, absorbing readily for enhanced efficacy. 

superfood for the skin

At the heart of our products lies our home-grown Tahi UMF™ 15+ Mānuka honey. This exceptional, rare honey, unique to New Zealand, delivers powerful healing and regenerative properties for optimal skincare results.

At Tahi, our nature sanctuary in the Northland of New Zealand, we treat our honey with care so that the natural properties stay intact. Our honey is authentic, undamaged and raw; just the way nature intended. The Mānuka honey we use in our formulations has a UMF™ 15+ rating, an internationally verified trademark indicating high antibacterial qualities.

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a unique alchemy

Working with Danièle Ryman, a global authority in aromatherapy, aromachology and plant-powered beauty, we have created a line of products that go beyond simply skincare. 

Each essential oil has been meticulously chosen by Danièle, not just for its incredible scent but also for its curative, healing properties to boost and enhance performance and the benefits to the skin. 

“The most efficacious skincare combines truly amazing natural ingredients with the power of science, knowledge and expertise – all sustainably.” Danièle Ryman

clinically tested

Independent clinical trials have shown our skincare significantly improves the general health and wellbeing of the skin. Our formulations powerfully:

Firm - Boosts fibroblasts by up to 77% for skin firmness, contributed by up to 50% by kawakawa and kiwi seed oil.

Hydrate - Significantly improves hydration and elasticity by up to 20%.

Cleanse + purify - Study participants rated the cleanser at up to 80% cleansing and purifying efficacy after only four weeks of treatment.

Reduce redness + roughness - Statistically significantly improves in the basal values of skin roughness whilst smoothing and reducing signs of redness for healthy-looking, supple skin.


aotearoa's superhero botanicals

Our high-performance balms and silken oils feature ingredients from New Zealand’s superhero native plants. Revered for generations for their skin healing properties, these incredible ingredients help restore vitality to the skin for a naturally glowing complexion.