a new generation of natural skincare

Rooted in New Zealand’s rich heritage, KAEA means to lead passionately, respectfully, responsibly & bravely as one and as a collective.

We blend traditional plant wisdom with green science to create a range of highly effective, bioactive products that treat the skin holistically for exceptional results, while supporting the biodiversity of New Zealand’s precious flora and fauna for generations to come.

giving back to nature, 100%

Our conservation philosophy has always been that what we take from the land should be replenished. To that end, 100% of our profits go back to our award-winning conservation and community projects. 

Investing in this full circle approach restores the land and rewilds the native flora and fauna helping us develop a healthy, biodiverse ecosystem that goes beyond carbon neutral status for the wellbeing of people and planet.

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the tūi - our inspiration

At Tahi, we have planted nearly half a million native, diverse trees to date. As a result, we have seen the number of bird species on our land increase from 14 to 71 in less than twenty years, including many rare or endangered. The Tūi is one of the bird species we have seen return to our land.

The Tūi wing on our packaging symbolises a messenger from the land – a key indicator of its health. We chose this enigmatic bird as the symbol of our brand so that we never forget our commitment to protecting the land from which we were born.

award-winning conservation

Since its launch, Tahi has been winning plaudits for its pioneering sustainable practices. Our most recent recognitions for our conservation work include:

2021: New Zealand Sustainable Business Awards - Winner of the Restoring Nature category

2020: New Zealand Sustainable Business Awards - Supreme winner across categories

2020: New Zealand Sustainable Business Awards - Winner of the Restoring Nature category