restoring more than skin

Inspired by New Zealand’s unique landscape, KAEA brings together powerful, performance-led, clinically proven botanical skincare and an enduring commitment to conservation and biodiversity protection.


leading with sustainability

Our story is rooted in the rich heritage of New Zealand’s unique biodiversity, blending traditional plant wisdom with green science to create a range of highly effective, bioactive products that treat the skin holistically for exceptional results. 

We believe in harnessing the unique power of New Zealand’s native natural ingredients together with our conservation-led philosophy to support the biodiversity of New Zealand’s precious flora and fauna for generations to come.

For us, KAEA is about more than skincare, it’s a legacy to the land we call home.

3D skincare: benefits for skin and mind

KAEA's range soothes 3 senses through our unique textures, visual results, and mind-boosting aromas.

At the heart of our skin-kind formulas is a plant-powered proprietary complex of High Performance Actives (HPA). Formulated from biodiverse botanical concentrates and essential oils, each HPA is carefully chosen to work synergistically for transformative skin and wellbeing benefits. 

By expertly balancing these targeted plant extracts at the optimum ratios, we enhance their individual and collective performance, providing three dimensional benefits to the skin and mind.

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100% pure, active formulations

What we leave out enhances what we leave in. Our formulations do not contain added water so we can ensure the highest concentration of actives in each formula to enhance performance and delivery.

Each 100% natural, skin-kind formula has been developed to be as pure as nature intended. We do not use artificial fragrances or colours, and our formulas are free from synthetic chemicals, sulphates, silicones, paragons, phthalates and GMO ingredients. The result is simply the purest concentrate we can create. Better for you and for the planet.

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less is more

In a world overloaded with choice, we keep it minimal and meaningful. Our consciously curated, multi-purpose collection is made up of just four highly concentrated products that can be adapted to create a personalised skincare ritual unique to you.

A small amount goes a long way. By intentionally using fewer items in your routine, there is less chance of expiry or waste, and less packaging is used, leaving a lighter footprint on the planet. 

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an award-winning approach

We are committed to not only using exceptional ingredients for the most effective skin benefits but to an ongoing pursuit of sustainability. We seek to do things better, to lighten each step on our positive beauty journey.

Our belief has always been that what we take from the earth, should be put back. Through large-scale strategic native planting and soil health restoration we capture more carbon than we emit, helping to reduce climate warming. 

By restoring our land and rewilding the native flora and fauna, we help develop a healthy, biodiverse ecosystem that goes beyond carbon neutrality for the wellbeing of people and planet.

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