Our philosophy

At KAEA we lead with sustainability and commerce side by side, ensuring all our activities serve both your skin and our planet. KAEA is founded on a completely unique financial model which sees 100% of profits returned to our conservation and community projects. By putting planet first, not profit, we can ensure all our activities are sustainable and drive real change.

What are we doing about it?

Uniquely, 100% of our profits are directly reinvested into our conservation and community projects in the Northland of New Zealand. We own over 4,000 acres of land and our pledge is to restore its ecosystems, maximize biodiversity, and plant 5 million diverse, native trees that are specific to that region.

We have developed and implemented an accounting system in which we can accurately measure the carbon that we use in the development and production of our products and the amount that is absorbed through our conservation activities. This helps us minimize our emissions and pinpoint areas where we can further improve.