KAEA - our beginnings

A passionate, eco-entrepreneur and philanthropist, dedicated towards protecting, preserving and regenerating our fragile natural resources and wildlife. Suzan Craig, through hard graft, perseverance and being ‘in-it’ for the long run, has made a remarkable contribution in returning landback to nature, whilst supporting the local community and culture.

It is in Suzan’s genes to walk nature’s path, growing up with her father, Dr John Craig, Professor of Environmental Management, the receiver of a New Zealand Order of Merit and internationally recognised and respected, all for his work in conservation and sustainable management. Sharing this passion, knowledge and experience, Suzan set about to restore a special piece of land found in the remote part of Northland, New Zealand - Tahi.

KAEA - is born

Spanning for over 15 years, we see today the fruits of hard work, with the restoration of a sustainable and productive nature sanctuary; from the regeneration of native forests, with over 325,000 native trees planted and 34 hectares of resurrected wetlands (all contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions), to flourishing wildlife (from 14 types of birds to now over 71, of which 23 are rare or endangered). Along the way we have created an eco-retreat, where you can escape and reconnect with nature, as well as creating new habitats for bees which produce our biodiversity positive, award-winning Tahi honey.

Always striving to make a positive difference and remaining true to her sustainable values, Suzan believed that Tahi’s Mānuka honey and New Zealand’s native ingredients were special. So true to her exceptional standards of quality and excellence, she collaborated with a world leading natural skincare expert and after more than 5 years in development the skincare line was born.