Skin saviours for hitting the slopes

If you are hitting the slopes this season, packing the right skin care is just as important as packing the right clothing and equipment. With high altitudes, strong sun, harsh winds and freezing temperatures, your skin is exposed to the planet’s extremes which can thin its natural protective barrier, slowing renewal and repair and leave it feeling dry, irritated and red. 

Investing in a hard-working skincare routine that will protect your skin all day, right through to après ski, can help combat the effect of these elements, leaving it feeling and looking its best.

Our guide to the best snowy skin saviours for a beautifully conditioned complexion will help protect and nourish while you enjoy perfecting your techniques on the piste. 

Always wear sunscreen

SPF is non-negotiable on the slopes, even if the sun is not shining. The high altitudes of ski resorts mean that your skin is exposed to stronger UV rays and can burn more easily. Invest in a broad spectrum SPF50 or above and remember to reapply regularly. Don’t forget your lips and ears and always wear goggles or sunglasses to protect your eyes. 


Wrap up against windburn

Cruising down the slopes can feel invigorating but the windburn it can produce does not. Your skin may experience redness, irritation, dryness and even peeling so it’s important to ramp up the hydration and protect your skin. Covering exposed skin with gloves, a scarf and a hat can provide instant practical protection but for any skin that you can’t cover, help it along by cocooning it in a thick layer of nourishing balm. Look out for oil-based formulas that contain shielding ingredients such as jojoba oil and shea butter.

Our deeply nourishing balms provide the perfect protection for sore, chapped skin. Infused with a nutrient-rich blend of jojoba oil and biodiversity positive Tahi UMF 15+ Manuka honey, they help to bind moisture to the skin for a nourished, conditioned complexion. 

“The balms create a barrier against the cold air and the blend of honey and vitamins will protect and really benefit your dry skin,” says KAEA’s formulation expert and global authority on aromatherapy, aromachology and plant-powered beauty, Danièle Ryman. “Apply after cleansing for best results.”

To help restore lost moisture and rejuvenate dry, lacklustre skin, try the rejuvenator, our multi-nutrient skin booster, featuring skin-enriching phytonutrients. Used day and night, this pure botanical concentrate can boost moisture levels by strengthening the skin’s barrier and calming inflammation. The perfect piste partner.

For windburned skin in need of some extra TLC, the rescuer, our multi-tasking SOS balm is essential skincare on the go. The blend of soothing botanical concentrates helps to calm and nourish extremely dry, red or irritated skin, helping to support the body’s natural healing process and protect against further moisture loss. Massage over lips, noses, hands and any other places that feel dry for instant and long-lasting comfort. It’s also great for treating any bumps and bruises you might have picked up on the piste. 


 The Après-skin routine

After a day on the slopes, it’s important to give your skin the best chance of recovery with some overnight TLC. The optimal time for skin repair is while you sleep so focusing on a ritual that helps strengthen your skin’s protective barrier to restore lost moisture and calm sensitivity and redness during slumber is key. 

When you get back after a long day on the slopes, steer away from chemical exfoliators and steaming hot showers as these will only add to any skin irritation, sensitivity and dryness. Instead, focus on restoring the moisture your skin has lost to the cold air with gentle cleansers and rich textures.

Our cocooning cleanser is incredibly gentle, yet lifts away impurities with ease, leaving skin feeling refreshed and nourished. It can also be used as a mask for an extra boost of moisture before the rest of your skin care regimen.

When it comes to upping your skin’s hydration levels, a two-step layering technique is key. A concentrated facial oil such as the vitaliser helps lock moisture into the deeper layers of the skin, while a balm, like the rejuvenator, helps seal in vital nourishment to the top layers and provides comfort to the skin after a day outside in the elements. 

Indulge in a spa day

For the ultimate relaxation and recovery, a professional facial can help soothe away irritation and redness and restore your skin’s luminosity. If you are holidaying in Switzerland, why not drop by our new spa at the Villars Palace Hotel overlooking Mont Blanc and the Alps? 

Treatments include The Restorer, our signature facial created to deeply relax and rejuvenate mind and body, and The Elements, a post-slope pick-me-up facial add-on, designed to calm and nourish skin that has been exposed to the elements.