Rethink your routine this Spring: our top tips for switching up your skincare this season

Longer days, lighter evenings and that feeling of expectancy in the air…  it can only mean one thing, Spring is on its way! As we enjoy the feeling of sunshine on our faces again after a long, cold winter, here are our top skincare tips for gorgeous, glowing skin this Spring. 


Cleansing 101

Investing in a good cleanser can form the foundation for beautiful, healthy-looking skin in Spring. We naturally wear less makeup in the warmer months so it’s important to get skin in great condition from the get-go. Our innovative gel balm cleanser is packed with natural, antibacterial essential oils and purifying Mānuka honey which helps clear up congestion and leave skin looking radiant and full of vitality. 


Lighten up

A change in season and warmer temperatures means our skin doesn’t need the heavy, nourishing moisture it needed during the colder winter months. Instead, swap out balms and rich moisturisers for lighter serums and oils. Try our silken oil, the vitaliser, a luxuriously light, omega-rich facial oil featuring a nourishing blend of skin-renewing botanicals to protect and regenerate for visibly vitalised, naturally radiant skin. 


Smoothly does it

Moving from season to season can leave its mark on your skin, particularly as we transition from the colder winter months into Spring. Smooth away dryness in areas prone to chapping and chafing such as hands, heels, elbows, knees and lips with our replenishing and soothing balm, the rescuer, which intensively nourishes and heals dry, irritated skin. Featuring a super-soothing botanical blend including Kawakawa leaf extract and Harakeke seed oil, it helps calm inflammation and boost healthy cell regeneration. 


P is for protection

Enjoying the Spring sunshine should only mean one thing: SPF. The sun becomes stronger this season so it’s vital to add an SPF - no less than SPF30 - to your skincare routine. Layer over the vitaliser as your final skincare step and you are good to go!