inspired by purpose

Having high performance, natural, multi-active skincare with sustainability and biodiversity at its core that won't compromise on results was a fundamental requirement for us, and will always remain a fundamental requirement of everything that we do.

KAEA is 100% natural; harnessing the best of nature and science to create powerful, restorative, clinically proven skincare products that showcase New Zealand’s unique botanical ingredients, each carefully selected and sourced for their ability to work synergistically for the most effective skin benefits.

Our exceptional formulations and consciously created packaging are the result of four years of testing, improving and tweaking to ensure the highest quality performance skincare, while staying true to our founding principles. At KAEA, our mission is to make a truly sustainable difference to the world around us, whilst inspiring others in their journey to care for the planet.

KAEA restores more than skin; as a biodiversity positive, carbon negative business, our pledge is to directly reinvest 100% of all profits from our skincare back into the land to secure its future for generations to come. Our work has been recognised with several prestigious awards which acknowledge our commitment to the environment and our innovation in moving sustainability forwards. This independent recognition is objectively judged and scientifically sound, helping us to elevate the work we do. In 2020, Tahi won the New Zealand’s top accolade in the Sustainable Business Network’s Supreme Award (the most sustainable business in NZ) alongside the Restoring Nature Award, and again in 2021 for our development of a Biodiversity Value Index.

From our commitment to only use ingredients and manufacturing processes that respect the environment, to our promise to support New Zealand’s precious biodiversity for generations to come, protecting, educating and enhancing our place, people and planet is our driving force. To date, we have planted nearly half a million native trees in the Northland of New Zealand and have transformed dying ecosystems into thriving biodiverse habitats for local floral and fauna. Our local bird species has grown from just 14 to 71 (more than many national parks) as a direct result of our conservation work, including many that are rare or endangered.

We have outlined four fundamental pillars to guide our sustainability philosophy:

1. Beyond Net Zero: Our commitment to offset more carbon than we use through ecosystem restoration on our own land in New Zealand.

2. Environment-first financial model: 100% of profits are returned directly to our conservation and community projects for a lasting impact.

3. Responsible consumerism: Our advocacy to inspire and motivate others to become more responsible consumers.

4. Culture & community: Our ongoing investment to culture and community, fundamental to building a healthy and resilient ecosystem.

Thinking way beyond our company, our land and our community has always been in our DNA and we will continue our pledge to leave a legacy for generations to come. Join us on our journey and help us restore more than just skin.


packaging to protect the environment

Our packaging is as carefully considered as each of our formulas, ensuring we strike the right balance between product efficiency and minimal waste so we leave a lighter footprint on the planet.

Our bottles and jars are made from recyclable MIRON biophotonic glass, chosen for its optimum protection of our potent, preservative free botanical formulates. Each box is crafted from certified sustainable paper, and we use vegetable-based inks and dyes. 

an ever-evolving ecological journey

When it comes to designing our packaging, we follow the principles of reduce, repurpose, refill and recycle. We strive to find solutions that lower our impact on the planet but this is an ever-evolving journey.

For us the environment must never compromise effectiveness or safety so while we believe our packaging is the best option right now, we continue to seek packaging innovations that balance care for you, our products and the planet.

our jars & bottles

All our glass jars and bottle are made from MIRON biophotonic glass which:
• Protects our natural, highly active formulas from the harmful effects of sunlight and acts as a barrier to prevent any loss of their bio-energetic values.
• Preserves the quality of the active formula.
• Prolongs the product's shelf-life, so there is less ‘expiration’ waste.
• Is endlessly recyclable, reusable and refillable - as it can be given a new life repeatedly, with zero loss in quality.

our lids & tops

• The lids of our jars are made from recyclable plastic.
• The prescriptive dropper for our bottle, contains a mix of materials to facilitate a more precise dosing. This can be recycled but it does require the 3 materials (the rubber bulb, the plastic cap and the glass tube) to be separated, then each one of these materials can be recycled appropriately (depending on your local facilities).

our boxes & paper

• Our box packaging is consciously kept to a minimum throughout the design process, so there is no excess.
• Our paper and card materials are all recyclable.
• They are FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certified or PEFC verified, sourced from responsibly and sustainably managed forests.
• We only print using vegetable, soy-based or water-based inks and dyes.