Our philosophy

As consumers, we have great responsibility in choosing our purchases carefully. With our ‘dollar’ we can make a real impact by purchasing products that contribute to addressing climate change and protecting ecosystems simultaneously. At KAEA, we want to advocate for responsible consumerism with biodiversity and carbon as a fundamental part of the product's accountability. We encourage customers to take what they need and critically assess the products that they select. In the case of skincare, it is about refining your routine and creating a better alternative, for the planet and for your skin.

What are we doing about it?

We develop products that are pure, of the highest quality and leverage the best of what nature has to offer. To get here, we have gone through over four years of rigorous research to make the products we believe are truly exceptional for your skin and of minimal impact to the planet. We learned a lot along the way and did not stop until we were absolutely satisfied. Our carefully curated skincare collection does not contain any ‘fillers’, no water, no stabilizers, nothing that does not directly contribute to the wellbeing of your skin, just 100% natural and active formulations. The range is designed to adapt to your skin’s unique needs, your lifestyle and circumstances, and can be used in multiple ways for the most effective results. As a result, we hope you will, like us, use fewer products in your skin routine, while improving your physical and mental wellbeing.