It’s World Wildlife Day and here is how KAEA supports biodiversity

At KAEA, our guiding philosophy has always been to work in partnership with nature supporting our native wildlife and biodiversity to create thriving habitats that bring about positive change to our environment and communities. 

As habitats continue to be destroyed around the world, the need to protect and preserve our planet’s biodiversity has never been so great. But what can we do about it?

Looking in your bathroom is a great place to start. Choosing products that work with nature and support the environment is one small step to making a big difference to the planet.

For our founder Suzan Craig, biodiversity has been a lifelong passion, so every product in our collection is made sustainably, blending the very best high performance native natural ingredients with manufacturing and packaging practices that ensure minimal impact on the planet. Meanwhile, we offset any remaining footprint with the active restoration of New Zealand’s precious ecosystems. 

From using recyclable MIRON biophotonic glass packaging, which eliminates the need for added water and preservatives in our formulations to the gentle vegetable inks and dyes and PEFC-certified paper we use for our boxes, we have worked hard to strike the right balance between product efficiency and minimal waste so we leave a lighter footprint on the planet.

Our conservation philosophy has always been that what we take from the land, we replenish, so 100% of our profits are invested back into our award-winning conservation and community projects. 

By working with nature in this full circle approach, we’ve transformed Tahi, a neglected farm in northern New Zealand into a rich, fertile sanctuary for wildlife, helping to restore nearly 30 hectares of wetlands and planting nearly half a million native, diverse trees, which in turn has seen the return of native fish, lizards and insects - all signs of a healthy, happy ecosystem. 

Birdsong has also made a welcome return to Tahi, with the number of bird species growing from 14 to 71 in less than twenty years, including 22 rare or endangered birds, more than most national parks in New Zealand

One of the bird species to return has been the Tūi, which is featured on our packaging. The Tūi wing symbolises a message from the land, acting as a key indicator of its health and fertility. We chose this enigmatic bird as the symbol of our brand so that we never forget our commitment to protecting and partnering with the land from which we were born.